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Overmatter 26.06.13

Overmatter 26.06.13

The Green Soccer Journal has a new issue with a new look coming soon.

The Misery Connoisseur is… well, it’s a wonderfully named magazine. Find out more.

The Modernist is looking for a new designer.

Cereal not only have a beautiful third issue out now (and in our shop) but also have a smart new website.

Hear Marta from Perdiz, the happy magazine for adults, on last weeks The Stack.

Babies are dumb! Not only do they try to touch-activate printed magazines, they even try to eat printed food (thanks Andrew).

The campaign continues to ban lad’s mags from local shops, finds unlikely ally in reformed ex-editor of Loaded.

Michael at Linefeed notes 18 years of onlinery.

The editors of Put a Egg On It say ‘If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Baked a Cake’ → July 6–9, Tokyo.

Bill Gates will be guest-editing the December issue of Wired.

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