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Ra & Olly, magazine distributor

Ra & Olly, magazine distributor

Our next Instagram Live events continues to examine the effects of the lockdown on publishing. Having heard from publishers, designers, printers and retailers, we now look at a part of the industry that is difficult at the best of times: distribution.

Magazine distribution entails a chain of companies and warehouses linking publishers to shops, and has been struggling as total volumes drop. What has the lockdown done to this process?

James Laffar, managing director of specialist distributor Ra & Olly joins Jeremy Leslie to discuss this often overlooked part of publishing. Among the titles he represents are Courier, Elephant and Like the Wind; magCulture’s supplies of Private Eye, The New Yorker and other weeklies are supplied by his company too.

James and Jeremy will also be discussing the new partnership between Ra & Olly and magCulture.

Follow @magCulture on Instagram and join us at 16:30BST, Thursday 30 April.

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