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We love serendipity

We love serendipity

I heard recently there’s been a 30% increase in reading books while we self-isolate, a pleasing but unsurprising effect of the lockdown extending into its second month. We need time away from our screens, and printed matter offers the ideal diversion.

Magazines offer escape too, and what they have over books is serendipity. Read the cover story, then turn the page and find yourself enjoying something you might never have imagined reading. Magazines are serendipity channels, the exact opposite of Google’s personalised algorithms. They challenge rather than confirm your biases.

We rely on a similar sense of serendipity at the magCulture Shop. Customers pop in to pick up the new issue of a favourite title and spot a less familiar magazine to buy at the same time.

Today, with the physical shop closed, our customers are denied that sense of discovery. We’re busy shipping known favourites, but the lesser known titles are sitting here unsold. They are not being stumbled across, and our online shop can’t offer the same experience of serendipity (yet!).

So, what to do?

Well, try our new Discovery Discount. We know there are new issues of some of the bigger indies due over the next few weeks. We’ll be very happy to sell you copies of the new Apartamento, Real Review and Buffalo Zine, for instance, as soon as they arrive. But if you’re hungry to try something new, why not support younger magazines at the same time?

The offer
Save 15% discount on an established magazine by adding a second, lesser-known one to your order.

How it works
Buy one magazine from each of these two lists, and save 15% on the magazine in list A. Your discount will automatically be added at checkout.

List A
Fantastic Man #31
The Plant #15
The Gentlewoman #21
Monocle #133
Luncheon #9

List B
Tortoise Quarterly #3
Akin #3
Deem #1
502 Bad Gateway #2
The Fence #3

Shop now!

We’re trialling Discovery Discount this week and hope to extend it.

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