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rendez-vous logo

More from Paris, courtesy of Scott. Rendez-Vous is a free fashion/culture magazine distributed in bars and clubs around the city and in Japan. Nothing earth-shatteringly different but it has a quiet charm that's worth a mention here. For a start, that logo… it shouldn't work, but it does. Same goes for the page details:

Rendez-Vous close up

This page uses one of those paint-stroke fonts for the header, and lots of ready-made picture framing from QuarkXpress.

Rendez-Vous spread

Here's some more overlapping, unstructured-looking 'random' picture placement, as seen on numerous covers (here) and on post about Magazine. We need a name for this: I'll call it 'loose' design.

Rendez-Vous close up 2

That same 'loose' feel applied to font choice; a combination of monospace, serif and Dymotape faces, along with that logo again. Clean, neat, spontaneous-feeling, characterful.

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