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The Modernist #32

The Modernist #32

The latest issue of The Modernist is themed ‘Invisible’ and includes this beautiful set of images collected by artist Mishka Henner.

Harvested from Google Maps, the images have pixelated areas that resemble Photoshop’s Crystalize filter. This effect has been applied by the Dutch government to disguise locations they wish to remain secret; ‘royal palaces, fuel depots and army barracks’ according to Henner.

The irony is that the polygon patterns stand out strongly on the maps. Most countries apply some forms of disguise to their territories on the all-seeing satellite maps system, but while hiding the reality of what’s present on each site, the Netherlands have inadvertently drawn attention to their presence.

The Manchester-based magazine has continued it’s alphabetical series of themes – a letter per year, 2019 being ‘I’ – to expand its attention beyond its brutalist architectural roots, and this story is an ideal introduction to the latest theme.

Editors & publishers: Jack Hale and Eddy Rhead
Designers: Dan James and Jacob Critchley

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