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The Stack Awards, winners 2018

The Stack Awards, winners 2018

Last night the winners of this years Stack Awards for independent magazines were announced at a ceremony in Shoreditch.

Gail Bichler and I judged Magazine of the Year and decided that New York’s Good Trouble (above) merited that title. A strong shortlist demonstrated all the strengths of the current indie scene – the variety of concepts and formats was impressive – but it was the NY-based title agitating for social and political change that won. That it does so with humour, a grounded understanding of youth culture (courtesy of editor Rod Stanley) and is delivered in an absurdly aniquated broadsheet format designed by Richard Turley pushed it further ahead of the other entries. Truly a magazine of/for our time.

Congratulations to the Good Trouble team, all the winners and commended magazines, and to Steve Watson and the Stack team for a successful evening.

Magazine of the Year
Good Trouble, New York
Commended: Flaneur, Berlin; Migrant Journal, London

Launch of the Year
Suspira, London
Commended: Archivio, Turin, Eye on Design, New York

Editor of the Year
The Skirt Chronicles, Paris
Commended: Migrant Journal, London

Art Director of the Year
Anxy, Berkeley
Commended: A New Type of Imprint, Oslo; Migrant Journal, London

Cover of the Year
Eye on Design, New York
Commended: Pan and the Dream, New York, Printed Pages, London

Best Use of Photography
Archivio, Turin
Commended: Der Greif, Augsburg; Justified, London

Best Use of Illustration
Anxy, Berkeley
Commended: A Profound Waste of Time, London

Best Original Non-Fiction
Nataal, London
Commended: Ecotone, North Carolina; Racquet, New York

Best Original Fiction
Ecotone, North Carolina
Commended: Still, New York; The Tangerine, Belfast

Subscribers’ Choice
Perdiz, Barcelona
Commended: Four & Sons, Melbourne; Kajet, Bucharest

Student Magazine of the Year
Brasilia, Hanover
Commended: Aether, London: Crumble, Edinburgh

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