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Varoom! x The Face

Varoom! x The Face

The latest issue of the AOI’s magazine Varoom! has a lengthy look at The Face and it’s use of illustration by illustrator/educator Lawrence Zeegan. Besides the familiar nostalgic warm bath of early covers and spreads, the piece offers a surprising alternative history of the magazine and its use of illustration, something I hjad forgotten until now.

Of course the designers and art directors get a mention, and a typographic tribute (above)…

…but how great to see early work from illustrators like Ian Wright, Russell Mills and Kiki Picasso…

as well as editorial pieces about Peter Kennard (above) and Barney Bubbles (below).

Lawrence also makes the point that the magazine, in common with most publications of the era, forgot about illustration for the nineties, before rediscovering it under art director Graham Roundthwaite (below).

It’s the perfect appetiser for next years book about The Face by Paul Gorman.

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