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MacGuffin #6, The Ball

210 x 275mm, 234 pages
Amsterdam, Netherlands (English language)
Editors: Kirsten Algera & Ernst van der Hoeven
Design: Sandra Kassenaar

‘The Life of Things’ 

It’s MacGuffin's 6th issue, from 2018.

This issue is all about an object that rolls, shines and possibly even bubbles—The Ball! Beginning with a to scale comparison of various sports and games balls, you'll also find ball boys and girls, ballpoint pens, IBM Selectric typewriter golf balls and disco balls. Not to mention the ball's spherical offshoots, in the form of the smiley face, ecofuturist  architecture, domed playground structures and tumbleweed. After all, ‘the ball is an item that not only rolls, but also beholds.’ 

On the Journal:
‘The magazine isn’t interested in things that are iconic, but rather in the mysterious, unexpected things that set a story in motion’.

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