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Mynah #4

170 x 240 mm, 126 pages
Singapore (English-language)
Published since 2016
Former editor-in-chief: Ruby Thiagarajan
Editor: Darren Wan
Design: Cleo Tsw

An important part of Singapore's publishing scene—alongside the likes of Rubbish FAMzine and Meantime—since 2016, Mynah has been dedicated to sharing ‘Singapore’s untold stories', offering a critical look at aspects of life on the island that otherwise go unnoticed or unchallenged.

Sadly, this fourth issue also happens to be Mynah's last—a difficult but necessary decision that the team have had to make 'in order to keep our values as an independent, longform magazine.' It's certainly a loss, the sense of which has been felt through issues past, as the team explains: 'Without intending it, loss has run through our entire back catalogue... Mynah's writers have grappled with the national narratives of progress and renewal since we started publishing.'

That being said, this issue has plenty more stories to tell: a Facebook group archiving forgotten mosques; reimagining the National Day Parade floats; a tribute to the soon to be vacated brutalist Golden Mile Complex; and the intertwined histories of the ever-evolving Malay and Peranakan cultures.

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