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The Plant #21

230 x 300 mm, 240 pages
Barcelona, Spain (English-language)
First published 2010
Editor-in-chief: Cristina Merino
Creative direction: Isabel Merino and Carol Montpart

‘A curious observer of ordinary plants and other greenery’

Always a joy to receive and carefully leaf through, The Plant is full of stories branching off in this way and that after beginning in the earth, roots, leaves and flowers.

For this 21st issue, The Plant muses over notions of communication: ‘Communicating with other human beings is an ability that is developed to a certain extent. But, how do we connect with the other-than-human beings around? We are tangled together. There's a shared atmosphere. Can we speak with birds? Can we communicate with the forest, with the wind? Is there a space for empathy and coexistence with otherness?’

Find the answers in features on Yoko Ono and grapefruits, Seanie Barron's whimsical walking sticks, the beekeepers of Turkey's Pontic mountains, Christina Kim's zero-waste design practice, a series of weather paintings by Claudia Keep and excerpts from numerous multidisciplinary thinkers and practitioners, collated by Rosy Head. 

With three covers to choose from, all photographed.

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