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The Slow Press #6

145 x 210 mm, 112 pages (plus sticker sheet)
Singapore (English-language)
Editor-in-chief: Tan Aik
Design & illustration lead: Melody Koh

The Slow Press is an independent food magazine bringing the stories behind Singapore’s rich food culture and heritage. This isn’t a magazine of restaurant reviews or recommendation listicles; instead, TSP chooses to focus on the emotional depth of its food stories. 

The latest issue is themed Best Before—’where the right (or utterly wrong) timing can make all the difference.’ It begins with a group science experiment with bread mold, and continues with essays on personal journeys with wine, the cultural expiration date of tea, and fried rice as a mechanism for remembrance. Filled with delightful visual puns and puffy sticker add-ons—a packet of salt, ripe bananas, a chilli padi flower—to create your own still life on the magazine’s cover, this issue reframes the narratives of rot, change, and things past their prime.

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