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Weird Walk #4

147 x 210mm, 48 pages
Wessex, UK
Published as and when
Editor: Owen Tromans, Alex Hornsby,  James Nicholls
Art director: Alex Hornsby

'A Journal of Wanderings and Wonderings from the British Isles'

Gorgeously put-together, the 'zine-esque' Weird Walk tells tales of folklore, music and poetry from across the British Isles, across time. What started simply as a group of friends walking, expanded into 'active engagement' with the land and its history — both real and imagined.

The fourth teal-coloured edition of Weird Walk features radio broadcaster and DJ Zakia Sewell's search for Albion — the original name given to Britain by the Romans, why the town of Glastonbury needs to be known for more than its festival revelry, and an interview with Nick Hayes on 'How to Trespass' (Yes!)

Keep walking weird...

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