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Alla Carta #24

225 x 310 mm, 320 pages
Milan, Italy (English language)
Founders: Yara De Nicola and Fabiana Fierotti
Editor-in-chief and creative director: Yara De Nicola
Art direction: Tommaso Garner, Daniel Sansavini

The latest edition of Milanese staple Alla Carta takes inspiration from Blob, the longest-running program on Italian TV created by Angelo Guglielmi, Enrico Ghezzi, and Marco Giusti. The show would take apart and reassemble clips and images from Italian television to present a chaotic yet intentional reflection of society.

This issue's theme is directly borrowed from Blob, and the first article is a detailed essay about the show's boundary-blurring process. As the team puts it: ‘This issue of Alla Carta walks the thin line between chaos and calm, visual disorder and the desire to send a careful and timely message.’

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