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An Inkling #4

150 x 210 mm, 92 pages
Oxford, UK
First published in 2019
Editor: Ellie Parkes
Art director: Katie Pitt

‘A journal for excellent writing by excellent writers’

Striving to publish excellent writing across art and science, the newly-petite An Inkling is intellectual but non-specialist. This fourth edition is themed ‘Clairvoyance’ and contains essays that explore this theme in both its literal definition and more abstract expressions. 

An Inkling also incorporates short stories for the first time into its format with Probert Dean's Queening, Yichuan Jiang's A Love Story, and Anthony Arnull's The Principle. 

On the Journal:
At work with Ellie Parkes: ‘Through An Inkling, I want to give people who aren’t necessarily professional writers the space to communicate their ideas about the world’.

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