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Griffé #2

230 x 297 mm, 176 pages
Paris, France (French and English-language)
First published 2022
Founders: Salomé Dudemaine & Julien Sanders
Graphic design: Feelink Studio

'Fashion as told by its labels'

A new French title from fashion historian Salomé Dudemaine and vintage expert Julien Sanders, Griffé blends fashion's historical and commercial sides by honing in on the label as a starting point to explore the stories that ‘lurk in the shadow of the lining.’

For the second issue, take a deep dive into Mugler, from inception to present-day. In addition to getting access to the label's archives, Griffé interviewed over fifty former employees in order to get an holistic account and complete personal history.

One part investigation, one part business history, and one part collection of memories, this issue ‘reminds us that fashion is first and foremost a human and collective affair.’

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