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AnOther Man, Vol. 2, #1

200 x 270 mm, 418 pages
London, UK
Published since 2005 (originally) 
Editor-in-chief: Ellie Grace Cumming
Editor: Ted Stansfield
Art director: Lina Kutsovskaya
Fashion director-at-large: Alister Mackie 

Twice-yearly AnOther Man returns for its first issue since 2020. Can you believe? One of multiple fashion and culture titles available under Dazed Media (led by Magazine Person™️, Jefferson Hack) this latest volume marks a new era for the luxury men's fashion title. Note Alister Mackie is also fashion director-at-large.

In terms of the redesign, the reimagined Another Man is smaller in stature than its predecessor but the pagination remains high and its pages dense with imagery — visuals rule here. Still, the size feels right. It remains thick with content but will slip a little more slickly into that (wishlist) Gucci messenger bag...

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