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Hinterlands #4

180 x 250mm, 100 pages
Berlin, Germany (English language)
First published in 2020
Editors: Hanna Döring, Freia Kuper & Maike Suhr
Graphic design: Till Hormann

‘For rural realities‘

Offering an alternative to romanticised ideals of rural living, Hinterlands sheds light on the overlooked and varied stories of country life via essays, short stories and photography.

We've had the Blue, Orange and Green issues—next up, it's a very pleasing shade of Pink:

‘The pink issue presents rural sites of encounters, which might be familiar or alien: a rural theater stage, a rave on an open field, a shared table or a traditional country fair - which is not solely a place for exhibiting productive livestock and their trade but also to mingle, to meet. Rural pink comes with a certain softness, sensuality and vulnerability, horse girl desires and reflections of human-animal relations. It is deeply personal, lingering in ideas of girlhood, but also offering a wide playground to fathom gender roles and queerness. At the same time, pink is loud, it shines through, it can’t hide. Alerting as well as appealing in nature, it can cause irritation as well as soothing memories.

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