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L’etiquette #12

220 x 285 mm, 160 pages
Paris, France (English language edition)
Editorial director: Marc Beaugé
Creative director: Éric Pillault

'Le guide du vêtement masculin'

The English-language edition of the biannual men’s fashion publication from French independent publisher So Press. ‘You asked for it, you got it…’

For this ‘How to dress this summer’ edition, L'étiquette takes cues from the (ever so slowly) changing weather, implementing a few new changes of its own: a consolidated fashion features section—looks were previously scattered throughout the issue—and a new yellow-paged section titled The Style Memos, ‘where we think aloud, make lists, jot down notes, tick off choices, map things out...’

Get summer-ready with 56 looks and ‘75 objects of desire’ a.k.a accessories, all photographed from above—another stylistic change from the team. Plus, a look at Olympic style from over the years, ahead of Paris edition this summer.

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