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It’s Freezing in LA! Special edition

125 x 180 mm, 32 pages
London, UK
Biannual, published since 2018
Editor: Jackson Howarth
Art director: Nina Carter
Design: Matthew Lewis

This is It’s Freezing in LA!’s first, pocket-sized poetry anthology, subtitled ‘To Stand on Shifting Ground’Working alongside a cohort of students from the BA (Hons) Culture, Criticism, and Curation course at Central Saint Martins, the poems in this collection ‘reflect and embody questions about land connection. [...] Together, they remind us that land wants to grow richer—life seeks life.’

Alongside poems, you'll find the usual It’s Freezing in LA!-shaped design and infographic-adjacent illustrations. An important little thing which connects 'Land, colonialism, and climate'.

On the Journal: 
What’s an easy way someone reading IFLA! can get involved in climate action?
‘Join a local group calling for change. There’s a danger that the momentum around COP is going to fizzle out—don’t let that happen. 100 companies are responsible for 71% of emissions, and 15% of people take 70% of flights. This imbalance still isn't recognised in national and corporate action, so pressure groups have to keep stressing that point. If you work for a big company—is it creating unnecessary products, what materials does it use, who does its actions affect? change...’

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