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Polaris #2

210 x 300 mm, 130 pages
Tokyo, Japan (Japanese and English-language)
First published 2021
Editor: Takuro Nuruki
Photographer: Cala Del Rio
Designer: Yuta Saiki, Koyo Takeuchi, Ji Wang and Mari Shimizu
Illustrator: Mi Wang

'A travel magazine of journey and contemplation'

A new nostalgia-heavy travel magazine from Japan filled with illustration, hazy photo essays and personal accounts of journeys taken. Its name, Polaris, refers to the ways in which people used to use the stars to guide them (and not Tripadvisor).

This is their sophomore issue officially (though its their third technically), now in a slightly bigger format and exploring the theme of 'Awe'. Taking inspiration from the recent book by Dacher Keltner, editor Takuro Nuruki and the team share both their own stories of experiencing awe, as well as those of other travellers from places as distinct as Japan and Manchester, Germany and Ukraine.

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