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Table #7

210 x 275mm, 116 pages
Editor-in-chief: Ola O. Smith
Managing Editor: Lizzie Mayson
Art director: Anna Wilkins 

After quite the hiatus, Table magazine is back. The last time we saw an issue was two years ago, in the late summer of 2021, so it's great to have it back on our shelves.

The new editorial team announces another change in the latest issue: Table is evolving to become more than a magazine. It is becoming a platform in order to better showcase its community of talent, while still publishing biannual issues. 

All of this communal good feeling sets the stage for the new edition's theme ‘Together.’ Find inside the best deserts to share with others, the old adage ‘what grows together, goes together,’ a team field trip to the monuments of Athens, plus many mouth-watering recipes to provide the best excuse to bring people together.

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