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The Gourmand’s Lemon

205 x 285 mm, 260 pages (Hardback)
London, UK
Editorial and Creative direction: David Lane and Marina Tweed
Editor: Ananda Pellerin
Design and Art direction: David Lane, Jordan Weaver, and Sully Sullivan 

The second book spin-off from magCulture foodie favourite The Gourmand sees the team celebrate The Lemon. Like its predecessor The Egg, this is another mix of history, culture and stunning commissioned photography dedicated to the single ingredient. Plus recipes!

Contributors here include celebrated cook and author Simon Hopkinson, writer and author (and ex-editor of Frieze) Jennifer Higgie, plus twenty-four explorations of the lemon, beautifully illustrated with art and photography—if you know the magazine you’ll immediately recognise the book. 

We’re promised the Mushroom next...

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