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Cartografia Para a Portuguesia

125 x 235 mm in plastic sleeve (450 x 660 mm unfolded)
London, UK (Portugese and English languages)
Design: Maria da Gandra
Printing funded by London College of Communication

Roughly translated as ‘Cartography for a Portuguese mindset’ this neat little series of fold-out maps, histories and peculiarities visualises lesser known aspects of Portugese history. Each of the three editions tells its unique story using researched imagery, infographics and captions. They are a lovely example of graphic storytelling.

This first edition is titled ‘The Royal Building of Mafra and 17, the number of Portugal’, and tells the story of the Mafra Monument, a vast 18th century building project outside Lisbon that celebrates the number 17 and its importance in Portugese history (the first stone was laid on 17 November 1717).

The second edition is ‘Lisbon, capital of the Fifth Empire, in light of its sacred numbers’, and builds on the importance of the number 17 to Portugal.

The third edition tells the story of the disappearance of Portugal’s King Sebastian (born 1554). Officially, he died in combat in France, but other records show he was kidnapped and died sometime after 1640.

Each edition is sold seperately.

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