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Fluffer Everyday #5

210 x 284 mm, 68 pages
Athens, Greece (English-language)
Published occasionally
Editor and founder: Sotiris Trechas

'Fantasies becoming obsessions'

It's back! After a three year hiatus, the simultaneously sweet and sexy Fluffer Everyday is back on our shelves with the aim of 'making your day feel more naughty'. In this issue, we're given a fluffer's eye view on 'exploring dirty pleasure'.

This includes everything from mysophilia (sexual arousal towards 'soiled things and situations') and salirophilia (arousal 'from the act of soiling or disheveling the object of one's desire'). There's also a very colourful photographic series on 'Paint Sex'. Taste The Rainbow.

Issue #5 features two special edition covers, limited to 500 copies each. Plus, every edition is hand-numbered on the back cover.

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