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Dysfluent #2

165 mm x 230 mm, 112 pages
London, UK
First published in 2019
Editor: Conor Foran
Producer: Bart Rzeznik
Design: Take Courage

A magazine about stammering

First published in 2019, Dysfluent shares the lives and experiences of people who stammer, aiming to dispel stigmas and do away with overly clinical discourse through a series of honest, personal and sometimes challenging interviews. After a four year gap, the magazine returns with its sophomore issue on Stammering Pride, exploring ‘the complicated relationship between between pride, shame, acceptance, rejection, celebration and prejudice‘. 

Slickly designed with a folding cover, this second issue builds on the strengths of the first—Conor Foran's custom typeface Dysfluent Mono thoughtfully reflects each interviewee's unique stammer in the transcriptions, along with other typographic gestures that highlight, rather than avoid, the complexities of speech and language.

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