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Kinfolk #52

227 x 295, 194 pages
Copenhagen, Denmark
Founder & Creative director: Nathan Williams 
Editor-in-chief: John Clifford Burns
Art director: Mario Depicolzuane
Design director: Alex Hunting

Kinfolk has become so influential in the publishing world and beyond that it’s hard to imagine just how radical its minimal, proto-mindfulness, clean lines and clean living aesthetic was when it first appeared on shelves back in 2011.

A (much desired) warm summery hug makes for the cover of this latest issue themed Influence—dedicated to 'the powerful currents that can seep in and sway our decisions: power, money, politics and well, other people.' Inside, hear from New York-based publicist Kaitlyn Phillips, Instagram (in)famous con artist Anna Sorokin of Netflix true crime fame, former Bernie Sanders and AOC campaign strategist Waleed Shahid, Persian pop legend Googoosh and more. Plus—'the only social media influencer you'll find in this issue'—Karl Lagerfeld's cat Choupette in a glorious photoshoot.

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