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Rubbish FAMzine #12

155 x 205 x 50 mm, 700+ pages (a box containing nine booklets, instant noodles, chopsticks, etc)
Singapore (English-language)
Created by: Pann, Claire, Renn and Aira Lim

— This zine is highly limited, one copy per order only. Multiple orders will be refunded.
— Due to the high price and rarity of this item we strongly recommend you select our DHL shipping service at checkout, for a fully tracked and secure delivery. We will be unable to replace copies lost with other post services.

The latest issue of the limited edition zine produced by Singapore’s Lim family (Pann, Claire, and their children Renn and Aira) is another stunning celebration of print, physical creation and family charm. Beautifully designed and printed, each individual copy is hand finished by the family in a process the four have continued since the children were very young. The graphic style, colours, and complex combination of page sizes are instantly recognisable, as is the joyous, happy tone of the stories.

The twelfth issue, subtitled ‘The Insatiable Beast Devours Tokyoto Again’, is based around the Pann family’s love of Japanese TV superhero Kamen Rider, reimagined as Ramen Rider. Inside the box: read about the Pann family’s return to Japan in a series of mini-zines. Plus a pack of instant noodles, a set of chopsticks, and napkin mean you’ll never go hungry reading the issue.

On the Journal:
‘Although unique in execution, Rubbish FAMzine does what all magazines aspire to—it creates a unique world that is entirely its own—and is an inspiration to magazine-makers of all types everywhere.’
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