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When War Is Coming Home

160 × 240 mm, 48 pages
London, UK
Limited edition of 100
Published in 2023
Editor-in-chief and creative director: Yelyzaveta Berestova

A beautifully delicate zine created by Yelyzaveta Berestova reflecting on a house destroyed during the Russian invasion of her hometown of Chernihiv, Ukraine.

Printed using a variety of techniques—including risograph, lithography and screenprinting—in a largely muted palette of teal and burgundy on a mix of paper stocks, When War Is Coming Home explores how the loss of home is ‘one of the cruellest aspects of war’, revolving around an interview with Elena Krupko, a cafe owner who decided to rebuild her home from scratch, having lost it to a missile attack in 2022. 

A limited edition of 100 copies, with all proceeds going towards rebuilding Elena's home.

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