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Apartamento #33

170 x 240mm, 386 pages
Barcelona, Spain (English-language)
Biannual, since 2008
Publishers/creative directors: Nacho Alegre, Marco Velardi, Omar Sosa
Editorial director: Robbie Whitehead
Editor: Layla Benitez-James
Designer: Nicolás Barreto

The ‘everyday life interiors magazine’ has established itself as one of the leading lights of independent magazine publishing. It is hugely influential as much for its confident approach to covering contemporary interiors as it is for its bookish layout. 

On the golden-hued cover of the Spring/Summer 2024 edition, it's actor and model Hari Nef who invites us into her loft-like studio apartment in between the West Village and Chelsea, New York. Also inside, you'll find Franz Erhard Walther, Madelon Vriesendorp, Lloyd Kahn, Eric N. Mack, John Wurdeman, Antonia Marsh, Enrique Olvera, Ron Arad, Motoyuki Daifu, Jimmy Wright, Najla El Zein, Hans-Walter Müller, and Rachel Roddy. 

As well as 'the interiors of Pedro E. Guerrero, texts by Yemisi Aribisala, Jenny Wu, David Zilber, Stephen Kearse, Fadi Kattan, Ronan Mckenzie, Sophie Mackintosh, and Amanda Maxwell, and ‘Termite Trails’, an essay by Diana McCaulay.'

Oh, and be sure to check out the spine – it's a particularly sweet one.

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