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191 x 246mm, 154 pages
London, UK
First published in 2023
Editor: Henry Rayment-Pickard
Designer: Tom Stockwell

‘For those who explore what came before’

Aiming to celebrate and preserve diverse folk artistic practices—particularly in light of the overused ‘folk revival’ moniker—ROAM profiles creatives from a range of backgrounds to offer a more inclusive and cross-disciplinary look at the modern folk movement. 

The archeologically-inspired contents page of this first issue gives an indication of this fresher approach. 58 artists and creatives are clustered together thematically, branching out across mediums, which include everything from sculpture, film festivals, foraging, scavenger hunts, map-making and more, all engaging folklore in their own ways. 

Created by London-based illustrator Tom Stockwell and archeologist Henry Rayment-Pickard, ROAM also offers the beginnings of a curious crossover between the two disciplines. The lovely ‘Romeo’ illustration on the front cover pairs nicely with the squiggly, earthy typography—design touches that convey the duo's aim to ‘make the discovery and reading of folk fun again.’
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