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Pit #14

168 x 240 mm, 130 pages
London/Bristol, UK
First published in 2017
Editor: Helen Graves
Art director: Holly Catford
Director of photography: Robert Billington

'Read. Eat. Repeat'

Is it lunchtime yet? The latest edition of indie foodie favourite Pit explores everything SANDWICH! Alike its coveted subject matter, this issue's front and back covers act like two slices of bread, with plenty of delicious filling inside. Plus! You can choose from one of two covers – one bright pink and illustrated by Sinae Park; the other featuring Paco the dog.

Pit began life exploring the world of BBQ and has since evolved into a gastro-curious little magazine exploring everything and anything food-shaped. From night markets and kebabs, to potatoes and sauces. One for the gorgeous gluttons out there.

On the Journal
Magazine of the Month, May 2022: ‘Potatoes are one of the least photogenic things I can imagine shooting for a cover, but give them a face and expression and they become engaging. Shoot the decorated potatoes with a certain earnestness—these are very carefully art directed Potatoheads—and the resulting image sums up Pit. These guys are having fun as they explore their world.’
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