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Oof #10

161 x 239 mm, 78 pages
London, UK
Editor & founder: Eddy Frankel
Associate editor & co-founder: Justin Hammond
Design: Tim Clark

‘That’s football. That’s life.’

The wonderfully-named, small-format Art & Football magazine—a crossover with a longer history than may at first seem the case.

To celebrate the release of their 10th issue, and as the (controversial) FIFA World Cup Qatar kicks off, we’re gifted four covers each by artist Robert Davies and taken from his work ‘Epiphany’—a collection of football images shot from the TV screen. The four covers feature close-up crops of key World Cup moments.

More generally, the issue concerns the way the individual fan loses themself in the crowd. ‘Forget individuality, forget independence and selfhood: true joy can only be found in the collective, in the crowd.’

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