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BL8D #2

215 x 275 mm, 160 pages (hardback)
Tallinn, Estonia (English)
Magazine first published in 2022
Editor-in-chief: Maria Azovtseva
Art director: Konstantin Lobanov

Produced by a small team from the heart of the post-Soviet empire, annual chunk BL8Danalyzes various culturological cliches and produces new semantic constructions based on them’, primarily concerning itself with the search for identity. The name refers to a form of wandering often found in Slavic tales.

After the first obsidian edition themed 'Old Scary Tale' — comes an effervescent sophomore edition which literally glistens with high production, with a beautiful cover and intricate page cut-outs throughout. Again it's hardback, and his time even chunkier than before. Inside, themes of future, identity and creativity are explored through six different dream-like chapters – 'six dialogues with six different artists'.

In Maria Azovtseva writes in their editor's letter: 'We dedicate this issue to those who are trying to create, despite the enormous fear of the unknown, to those who are right now experiencing a crisis of self-identification, and for whom the question of the Future, its very possibility, directly depends on the answer to the question: "Who am I?"'

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