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Linseed Journal #2

240 x 330 mm, 120 pages
London, UK
First published 2022
Editor: Louise Long
Designer: Émilie Loiseleur

‘A journal of cultural entanglement’

The beautifully-put together, large-format Linseed Journal is named for linseed (also commonly known as flax seed) and is an ‘almanac of seasonal graft, and a larder of local lore.’ In practice, that translates to essays, art, illustration, crafts, history, culture and more.

Appearing biannually, each issue will be themed around a single organic material. This time, it’s The Olive.

Stories of nostalgia, cultural connotations, traditional medicinal solutions, recipes and artwork accompanied by serene photography encircle what an olive is beyond just its physicality and taste.

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