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Simulacrum Vol. 32, #1

125 x 280 mm, 104 pages
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Dutch and English-language)
Editors: Anna Odink, Merthe Voorhoeve and Naomi van Kleef 

Netherlands-based arts and culture publication Simulacrum explores a different theme with every issue. Platforming topics from both historical and contemporary perspectives, their features are written by both established experts and up-and-coming writers (student writers are welcome here).

Formerly petite, this latest issue sees the magazine reshaped into a new tall and slim format, held together with a rubber band and a riso red cover.  On the theme, Borders, the team write:

‘Borders are deeply rooted entities. Even when borders apply to conflict elsewhere, they can affect us personally and concern us on a daily basis.  Boundaries are linked to our formation of identity, contain an everyday complexity, and are anything but superficial - a border can be unfolded thoroughly... Within different worlds, we question them from a distance or, on the contrary, from the inside. We want to understand what a border does, where it lies and how it came to be.’

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