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Catflap #3

190 x 250 mm, 90 pages
Belfast, Ireland
First published 2021
Editor: Mícháel McCann
Artistic director (Outburst Arts): Ruth McCarthy

'Smart Queer Writing with a Disco Heart'

A gorgeous little number from Belfast with a particularly wonderful tagline. (Who wouldn't want a Disco Heart?) This is the third instalment of Outburst Art's printed publication exploring everything from Sex and Memory, to Journalism and Literature — and all through a queer lens, at that.

From artistic director Ruth McCarthy: 'Catflap is in its own way an experiment to translate queer experiences – and dream of something beyond queer – in a social and cultural language that can only ever have an approximate meaning to anything other. There may be some things lost in translation but there is still plenty to be found. Our thanks to the writers and poets who continue to invite new understandings in...'

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