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Isolarii #6

110mm x 70mm (tiny!), 226 pages
First published in 2020
Series editors: Sebastian Clark & India Ennega
Art director: Ben Ganz

A revival of the Renaissance genre of the same name, isolarii (meaning 'island texts') is a trés petit publication; each issue of which focuses on a different, stand-alone theme or idea. 

The sixth edition is titled ‘The Archipelago Conversations’ and is based on 15 years of conversations between Caribbean philosopher Édouard Glissant and his friend Hans Ulrich Obrist. It marks the tenth anniversary of Glissant's passing. Translation by Emma Ramadan.

On the Journal:
'Five issues in (and one Turner Prize nomination later) and Isolarii is indeed becoming an ‘archipelago’ of ideas—one in which a human-centred universe is oh-so passé. Within these carefully crafted islands of thought, humans do not reign supreme. The current issue, a lime-green volume titled Modern Animal by Berlin-(and sometimes Kyiv-)based photographer and writer, Yevgenia Belorusets, is a perfect example of this...’ READ MORE

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