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PIN-UP #36

233 x 283 mm, 196 pages
New York, US
Creative and editorial director: Felix Burrichter
Editor: Emmanuel Olunkwa
Art director: Office Ben Ganz

Caution! The latest issue of the ‘magazine for architectural entertainment’ isUnder Construction’, as announced by the sign on its crisp orange, image-less cover. Following the 20mm hole that punctured the entirety of the previous issue, this edition feels appropriately modular; each copy's notched edges are seemingly able to slot into one another (and they do, to an extent.)

On the theme, editor Felix Burrichter writes: ‘Few things are more mind-bending than the process of building. During those messy stages of construction, ever wall, column, and floor is anticipated as a step toward completion. But what if the job is never finished? In a world where the illusion of certainty no longer holds, humanity has inured itself to a perpetual state of ambiguity... This issue is by and about those whose minds are perpetually building.’

Featuring interviews with Courtney J. Martin, Shohei Shigematsu and Anupama Kundoo, a history of architectural violence in the form of domicide, abandoned structures in Africa and the UAE, New York's scaffolding and a special feature by Whitney Mallet (also of the Whitney Review) on ‘certified expert of all things smell’ Sissel Tolaas.

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