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Buffalo Zine #19

 210 x 270mm, 346 pages, soft cover
London, UK
Publishers and creative direction: Adrián González-Cohen, David Uzquiza
Editor-in-chief: Adrián González-Cohen
Arts editor-at-large: Hans Ulrich Obrist
Fashion director: Tati Cotliar 

‘Oh, mothers—what a sensitive topic. There were many talents that declined to contribute to this issue due to its theme. Why would that be surprising?’ 

The latest iteration of Buffalo Zine is an ode to motherhood: its highs, lows, complications and many manifestations. Throughout the issue, you'll find anecdotal snippets dedicated to people's mothers, beginning with the editorial team and later shared by the likes of Marina Abramovic, Martin Parr, Jean Paul Gaultier, Róisín Murphy et al. 

Plus, plenty of candid interviews and photography (including one particularly visceral series on childbirth and another MILF-themed shoot) expressing the Buffalo Zine definition of motherhood: ‘unconditional love, primal instinct, joy, worry, selflessness, community, learning, growth and much more.

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