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Sleek #79

225 x 296 mm, 132 pages
Berlin, Germany (English and German-language)
Publisher/CEO: Christian Bracht
Head of editorial: Anja Prinz
Art direction and design: Lorenzo L Pradelli
Design: Christophe Synak

A glossy Berlin-born quarterly of art, fashion and culture. This issue is ‘a deep dive into the creative source that has shaped us all’. Welcome to the Mother issue:

‘Motherhood is a never-ending source of inspiration. In the tender moments of motherhood, we find the roots of our own creative energy. A mother's ability to discover beauty in seemingly mundane moments shapes our view of the world.

Featuring Dianne Brill, icon of New York's 1980s club scene, on the cover. Plus, a particularly relevant feature on social media's maternal lingo and its queer ballroom origins, on page 50.

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