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MacGuffin #13, The Letter

210 x 275mm, 226 pages
Amsterdam, Netherlands (English language)
Editors: Kirsten Algera & Ernst van der Hoeven
Design: Sandra Kassenaar

‘The Life of Things’ 

Already a firm favourite here at magCulture, as well as one of our top sellers, the 13th issue of MacGuffin excels even its high standards so was a shoo-in for Magazine of the Month, January 2024. Themed ‘The Letter’, the much-antipated issue covers the magical symbols of our alphabets (of course) and also language, code, gestures and media.

Beautiful to look at—check that vivid yellow cover—the issue covers internet memes, graphic designer Karel Martens, feminist print shops, the Interrobang glyph, modern hand gestures, graffiti and more.

On the Journal
Our Magazine of the Month review: ‘MacGuffin remains an essential magazine, an ideal riposte to anyone doubting the power of print. As well as being editorially brilliant, it is also, itself, a beautiful Thing. Its size, format and combination of papers making it a lovely object to hold and to flick through’.


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