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MacGuffin #7, The Trousers

210 x 275mm, 234 pages
Amsterdam, Netherlands (English language)
Editors: Kirsten Algera & Ernst van der Hoeven
Design: Sandra Kassenaar

‘The Life of Things’ 

It’s MacGuffin's 7th issue, from 2019.

In this friendly-faced issue—the cover taken from a clever pants-filled photoshoot by Vytautas Kumža inside—the MacGuffin team tackle The Trousers:

‘There is something inevitable and at the same time absurd about the fact that the covering of the body between the butt crack and the ankle is such a major feature of our lives. In the fitting room it rarely occurs to us that a pair of pants is not just a utilitarian product but an armour and a prison. Yet according to Eco, those are aspects that make trousers a mirror of out culture. Who is wearing the trousers? And what kind?’

On the Journal:
‘The magazine isn’t interested in things that are iconic, but rather in the mysterious, unexpected things that set a story in motion’.

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