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Sociotype Journal #3

210 x 275 mm, 222 pages
London, UK
Annual (...ish)
First published 2022
Editors: Nic Carter and Henrietta Thompson
Creative Directors: Nic Carter, Nigel Bates and Joe Leadbeater

‘Specimens of culture’

Launched in 2022, Sociotype Journal is a magazine that just happens to also be a type speciman—‘for anyone that likes to read while looking at type.’ It uses fonts designed by Sociotype, a foundry linked to London design studio Socio.

This third, peachy-pink coloured edition for 2024-25 is themed ‘Home’ and asks: ‘What makes a home?’ The issue investigates domesticity, from masterplanned utopias and Potemkin villages, McMansions and sham castles, to cube farms, spite fences, coffin homes and more.

Issue three is typeset in the foundry’s especially-created, mid-century-inspired grotesk typeface, Onsite.


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