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Typeone #8

220 x 300 mm, 136 pages
Surrey, UK
Editor-In-Chief: Amber Weaver
Design and art direction: Studio Ground Floor

A women-led magazine fusing together design, culture, business, technology and the world around us: they're also the creators of type platform, Femme Type: ‘Born out of the lack of representation of women’s typographic contributions in the design space.'

For their eighth issue, the Typeone team explore Japan's design industry through platforming conversations and topics from the native designers who are at the heart of it. In their words:

'Eager to understand these scripts and the Japanese typographic ecosystem. From the intricacies of the font production process to the expansive social contexts of type design and usage – the concept for issue 8 sprung to life...We hope this exploration provides our readers with a broader understanding of the global design narrative and serves as a testament to our commitment to fostering cross-cultural dialogues in design.'

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