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Acne Paper #19

270 x 220mm, 500+ pages 
Stockholm, Sweden
Editor-in-chief and creative director: Thomas Persson
Art direction and design: Fred Birdsall Studio

A gorgeous new issue of Acne Paper, marking its return with a typically chunky, but now all-black affair that serenades the night. This edition is matt papered from cover to cover and edge painted in black to match (with touches of midnight blue inside), fitting for the theme, Nocturne.

Inside, you'll find a mix of night-themed contributions from artists, photographers, writers, filmmakers, musicians and more, placing ethereal fashion shoots, classical artwork and texts on dreams, epistemology and evenings in Berlin alongside each other in one grand, block-like ode to ‘the nocturnal realm’. Beautifully produced, with images either leaping off the page or receding into the shadows. 

Originally created to help lift the Acne Jeans brand in support of its metamorphosis into a full-on fashion label, the first 15 issues of Acne Papers came in a tabloid-format with a timeless, classic editorial design. This new format remains as smart as ever, yet is quite different to the earlier issues.

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