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Black Skew #1

170 x 245 mm, 24 pages
London, UK
First published 2024
Created by: Black Skew

'I went out, I walked, I lost myself, I found something new', reads the opening page of this first edition of Black Skew—or black skew as the slim journal's title is stylised.

Split into three parts: 'Concepts, Artworks, and Visual Explorations', this new publication from designer Marco Belardinelli (also of Rüdo magazine) is a neat visual treat, bringing together design, personal history, travel, photographic research, architecture, the natural landscape and more. It's an 'ongoing series, which deals with a different photo/graphic theme each time.'

This first instalment acts as a 'project overview', as noted on the cover, offering readers 'a description of the global vision of the project', as well as opportunities to collaborate on future projects.

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