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Brownbook #71

190 x 240 mm, 244 pages (plus Paralympic Games braille booklet, small poster, etc)
Dubai, UAE (English and Arabic-language)
Editors: Rashid Bin Shahib and Ahmed Bin Shahib
Design: Rashid Bin Shahib, Giulio Ferrarella, Abdullah Al Kenani, Mohammed Alruways, Mattia Tomasi
Cover illustration: Art Recherche Industrie

‘An urban guide to the Middle East’

Brownbook is a notable indie title discovering inspiring stories, architecture and communities from the Middle East, North Africa and beyond. 

The latest thick-bodied issue, ever satisfying to hold, is dedicated to the French capital and 'the beautiful yet complicated relationship between Arabs and Paris'.

Inside we meet entrepreneurial superstar Ramdane Touhami, master calligrapher Hassan Massoudy (whose work centres 'big, bright letters evocative of traditional Arabic script'), artist couple Laila Muraywid and Ziad Dalloul, fashion designer Rabih Kayrouz, a photographic exploration of the fifth arrondissement bordered in royal blue, and then some.

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