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Cake Zine #5

170 x 240mm, 98 pages
New York, US
Biannual since 2022
Editors: Aliza Abarbanel, Tanya Bush
Art director: Noah Emrich

Gather around, the Candy Man is here
Now what kind of candy d'ya want?
Sweet chocolate, chocolate malted candy, gumdrops?
Anything you want!
You've come to the right man, because I'm the...

Candy Land issue of Cake Zine! That's right, the sparkling fifth issue of cool, cultural, foodie favourite Cake Zine is here and it's a particularly gorgeous one. In this issue, the team explore the 'natural roots' of (largely) American candy, unwrapping 'candy's connections to the literal and metaphorical land.' 

Inside you'll find essays, recipes, fiction and art, all dealing with the sweetest of treats. As editors Aliza and Tanya and art director Noah write, 'Always save room for dessert'. Amen to that.

On the Journal
Tanya Bush introduces an excerpt from the previous issue: ‘When we opened up submissions for the Humble Pie issue, we knew we wanted a piece on reality television and the spectacle of humiliation. We found it with culture writer Olivia Crandall, who pitched us a piece on pieing in ‘Love Island, where pastry doesn’t just serve as the show’s euphemism for rejection, but as a ‘sensory mess of shame’ via the mid-series game Snog, Marry, Pie.’
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