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Chutney #3 direct

128 x 202mm, 162 pages
London, UK
Annual or thereabouts
Published since 2019
Editor & Art director: Osman Bari

The much-anticipated third issue of Chutney finally arrives, another beautiful piece of print with an optimistic outlook. Edited and designed by our magCulture colleague Osman Bari, we’ve experienced close up the ups and downs of its production, and are excited as he is to finally see the finished magazine.

Focusing as ever on everyday stories of identity and culture told by marginalised or misrepresented voices on their own terms, the issue marks a big step forward for the magazine: a larger print run, more pages, and a shift from risograph to offset printing. Yet it cleverly retains its subtle visual charm, a textured cover paper and gold foil logo continue its relationship with special print techniques, and the colour palette referencing riso thoughout.

Split into the familiar three sections that reflect the process of making chutney—Chop, Mix and Preserve—the issue carries 11 personal stories reflecting on history, cultural exchange and the legacies of others. As Osman notes in his opening letter, ‘Understanding these threads of connection is both exciting and reassuring, as it celebrates our individuality while speaking to what we may have in common with each other’.

Join us at the magCulture Shop on 9 March to hear Osman Bari in conversation with Jeremy Leslie.
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