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Glamcult #140

230 x 300 mm, 256 pages
Amsterdam, Netherlands (English language)
First published in 2003
Editor-in-chief: Rogier Vlaming
Lead editor: Grace Powell
Art director: Marline Bakker

Originally published as an underground tabloid (and now very much magazine-shaped),  Dutch biannual Glamcult offers a 'sincere and trend-defying' look into fashion, art and avantgarde culture. The latest is ‘The Night Issue’ and explores the question: ‘How can we engage with, create, and authentically share stories of the night?’

Featuring cover stars Cobrah, Eartheater, and model Amanda in ABRA and Candice Moran, this issue also covers photographer Nan Goldin's nocturnal portraits, the fantasies of fashion designer Ximon Lee, and sculptor Sarah Lucas's dark humour.

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